It should be possible to use E-zwich cards for not only domestic money transfer (as it is currently) but also international money transfer by the second quarter of this year. This would however start with transfers to and from the UK before extended to other parts of the world.

This forms part of plans by the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems, GHIPSS to deepen electronic banking transactions in the country. General Manager in charge of Projects and Business Development at GHIPSS, Archie Hesse tells JOY BUSINESS talks have been advanced with two organizations in the bid.

“We are providing the infrastructure which is no different from what we have now. The business or company will have to develop it and determine how much they are going to charge. All indications show that they would charge cheaper than what currently exists in order to make people to hop on to it. We have a bank that is partnering this company in question”.

He continued “What we are doing is to ensure that if money is transferred to an individual because it is a partnering bank, you can go that bank and collect cash. We are now about to start advertising and I think its going to start abroad before Ghana”

Currently domestic money transfers with E-zwich has a nationwide coverage involving all banks. Mr. Hesse further explains how the use of E-zwich cards for international money transfer would work to complement the domestic transfers.

“Let’s assume you are in the UK and you need to transfer money to Ghana, the shop will ask you for the E-zwich card number and it will be transferred from there directly onto your E-zwich card. This would be in competition with already existing international money transfers. Individuals would have to choose which one works best for them.

“It won’t be any different from what we already have here where you give a merchant, lets say 20 Pounds and he or she will then convert it into the cedi equivalent, give you the electronic amount and then transfer it using the PDS system into the individuals account. Once its been transferred, moments after you can go and load it” he concluded.