The Association of Private Media Practitioners in the Eastern Region is demanding an immediate retraction and apology from the minister for his unsavory comments against media men.

Dr Appiah Kubi early Wednesday morning accused some media men of fabricating stories with the intent of creating chaos and division in the country.

In his anger, the minister said in a press briefing: “The fact that you have a camera and a piece of paper and pen doesn’t make you a superior person. You are not and don’t think you know it all because you don’t know it. All that you set out to do is when you wake up in the morning,[you] go out there and cut people down.”

“What you are doing now I am telling you, you are creating unnecessary chaos in the country…because of the idiocy of just a tiny minority of you. And I am telling you I will not take it. You can record it and play it as many times as you like. I mean every word that I am using today,” he snapped.

His comments have ruffled the nerves of some journalists, particularly in the region.

Secretary of the Association of Private Media Practitioners, Maxwell Kudakor told Joy News the minister’s comments were “unfortunate”.

He said it was needless for a political head in the region to have made a comment like that and called on the president to call him to order.

He said journalists have enjoyed a cordial relationship under the stewardship of the former minister, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo and hoped the relationship would be continued by his predecessor but are shocked about his utterances.

Mr Kudakor’s association has therefore given a 24 hour ultimatum to the Minister to retract and apologise or be blacklisted.

The Eastern Region branch of the Ghana Journalist Association has also condemned the utterances but is yet to officially react to the Minister’s effusions.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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