Country Head of ECOM Ghana, Muhammadu Muzzammil, making a presentation to COCBOD CEO, Joseph Boahen Aidoo

ECOM Ghana has taken the coronavirus (COVID-19) battle to rural communities with the distribution of 1.2 million soaps to help farmers fight the infection.

The company, in partnership with Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), is helping to empower COCOBOD-registered communities to save the lives of farmers and their families in the cocoa-growing regions including Ashanti Region, Western North Region, Southern Region, Central Region, Brong Ahafo Region and the Eastern.

The Country Head of ECOM Ghana, Muhammadu Muzzammil, explained that creating prosperity in rural communities requires the provision of tools to farmers to protect their health.

“In hard times like these we cannot sit unconcerned,” he said.

“ECOM Ghana believes in creating prosperity in rural communities, therefore, we must provide farmers the tools they need to protect their health. We normally work with about 150,000 farmers but we believe that the wider farming community is in need, hence this partnership with the COCOBOD,” he added.

ECOM Ghana partners COCOBOD to fight coronavirus with 1.2m soaps to farmers

Mr. Muzzammil advised the farmers to wash their hands frequently with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds and also observed the other precautionary protocols announced by the government.

ECOM Ghana usually works with 150,000 farmers on various entrepreneurship initiatives, which are geared towards helping build rural prosperity. The Company provides advisory services, training, and support to farmers on productivity, quality, certification, crop diversification, environmental and other broader social issues.

It actively invests in farmer capacity building to move them from subsistence farming to farming as a business through coaching on best practices. The company also engages in additional livelihood projects that support income diversity.

 Through its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, ECOM Ghana has provided infrastructure developments in health, access to potable water and education. The company has refurbished seven hospitals and 35 schools, installed over 300 boreholes, distributed 50 computer classrooms and invested GH¢1.4 million with the Otumfuo Agro ECOM Mobile Learning Platform, providing ICT training to rural kids.

ECOM Ghana is a long-term trade partner to the Ghana Cocoa Board. Its subsidiaries, Agro Ecom Ghana Limited and Unicom Commodities Ghana Ltd., in partnership with COCOBOD, operate the largest sustainability program in Ghana to provide traceable and sustainable cocoa from Ghanaian farmers to chocolate manufacturers in Europe and USA.

It also provides high-quality Agro Chemicals and farm implements at affordable prices to enhance farm productivity through its Company Crop Doctor Limited.

ECOM Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd is a leading global commodity merchant and sustainable supply chain Management Company. As an origin-integrated business operating in over 40 major producing countries worldwide, ECOM focuses primarily on coffee, cotton, and cocoa, as well as participating in selected other agricultural product markets.

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