In recent times, there have been several hysterical comments by a lot of well-meaning Ghanaians on the state of our economy. Many people have registered their displeasure regarding the current terrain of economic hardship in the country.

This has made most political actors (NPP and NDC) engage in the game of politics of comparison; since both parties want to prove that they are the best managers of the economy.

But the ordinary Ghanaian can’t fathom what all this ballyhoo is all about since the economy is not getting any better.

This is where I think there is a loophole in our politics; politics of comparison. I believe without any shred of doubt that 2020 elections will not be about “TRY ME TOO”. Ghanaians will vote based on the four years of the NPP in power against the four years of the Mahama-led- administration. This is the bitter truth this current administration should know. Not only do I see it as inappropriate but also a travesty for the NPP government to keep comparing herself to the erstwhile NDC administration which was labelled as incompetent by the NPP and a vast majority of Ghanaians.

There were difficult times in Ghana under the auspices of the former Mahama-led administration since it was bedevilled by Issues of corruption and mismanagement of the public purse. There’s no two ways about that. But it’s not getting any better under this current administration

It is worth noting that NPP rode on the back of such sensitive issues of the economy being in shambles and other critical issues of unemployment in order to be rocketed into the helm of affairs.

So why complain when what you’ve been aspiring to become for years has been offered to you?

Instead of throwing tantrums at each other in order to gain cheap political points, why not channel such strength into building the economy as promised? You will bear with me that there is no need for us to be examining economic figures and diagrams in order to comfort our already bereaved souls that the economy is booming. It is evidently evident in the dryness of our pockets.

Having said this, I think all hands should be on deck (especially among the Akuffo Addo-led administration) to bring the economy to normalcy.

Forgive my lack of decorum but without this being done, Ghanaians will only see this current administration as a bunch of loud-mouth opinionated bigots who had no clear plan to save our economy.

This is not the time to compare the performance of this government regarding the economy to the erstwhile NDC administration. Such comparison could be likened to a student who scores 2% in an exams and thinking of himself as a better student than the one who scored 1%. To call a spade a spade, these two students have both woefully failed and need to sit up and study. In my candid opinion, it is incumbent on this current administration to walk the talk and not to engage in this topic of politics of Comparison.

History has taught us times without number that Ghanaians will never appreciate efforts but results just as it is with any rational being.

In a nutshell, this is time for (NPP) to work and not a time for making a comparison. They should remain focused and resolute in making the lives of the Ghanaian populace better if not the best. Towing this same old trajectory of comparison wouldn’t augur well for our economy.

This is my humble opinion. For God and country.

I am Elvis Effah


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