Deputy Minister-designate for Education Gifty Twum-Ampofo

The Education Ministry has challenged teachers in the country to come up with innovative ways of teaching.

Deputy Education Minister, Gifty Twum-Ampofo mentioned this at an event to appreciate sponsors of the National Teacher Prize which was held in Sunyani in the Bono Region in October, 2021.

According to her, those who go beyond their work mandate see excellent results in their pupils.

She acknowledged that “there are many teachers in the country but of course only few will get the chance of being named as winners.”

She added, “the winners mostly decide what they can achieve to win the awards and also embark on projects other than the awards to support education.”

Though that is not the only criteria, she mentioned how the extra efforts made by teachers have aided academic work in their respective schools.

She cited examples to explain her statement, “award winners do not enjoy what they receive alone but give part back to society.”

“Sabina Dosu Kobba of St. Dominic Catholic School at Akwatia who picked Ghana’s Most Outstanding Teacher 2019, has embarked on a science laboratory project for the people and community.”

She also mentioned how “Eric Asamaning Asante of Niloh JHS has supplied 150 laptops to some selected schools in Tema and is also constructing a science and ICT laboratory for a community in the Eastern Region.”

She, therefore, urged other teachers to emulate the action of these teachers not only to win awards but also to improve the academic work of pupils in their care. She, however, mentioned steps government is taking to assist the award winners

The Deputy Education Minister talked about government’s intention to aid the input of teachers so that the outcomes will be beneficial for both the student and the nation.

“Having won the awards, the Ministry will support them to compete in both the Global and AU Teacher Price award.”

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