A scheme to enable civil and public servants, especially teachers, to acquire personal cars and other electrical appliances was launched in Accra on Wednesday.

The Auto Scheme by Unik Dezines and SCL Technologies offers an interest-free and flexible payment terms on salon cars, mini buses and assorted electrical appliances aimed at supplementing government’s efforts at upgrading the lifestyle of personnel in the education sector in particular.

Launching the scheme, on behalf of Vice President John Dramani Mahama, the Minister of Education, Mr Alex Tetteh Enyo, underscored the importance of motivating and creating a congenial atmosphere for workers to discharge their duties.

“Today, we are entering into a new era of pushing teacher motivation forward in a bold and new direction.”

He said some investors were ready to help the Ministry of Education to design and implement various other schemes that would support government to supply teachers with new vehicles.

According to him, most teachers did not want to accept postings to the rural areas for many reasons among which was accommodation and transportation. “Access to personal salon cars may facilitate their work and promote the development of the rural areas”, he noted.

The scheme initiated by Unik Dezines Limited adds to means of dealing with some of the challenges facing the civil and public services. Under the scheme, teachers and lecturers would be provided with saloon cars, motor bicycles, and buses.

“This is a risk-free investment to the government in that our investors are ready to provide 100 per cent of the investment and a grace period if necessary to the benefit of the purchasers,” he noted.

Mr Samuel Ofori-Adjei, President of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Senior High Schools (CHASS), said a corporate guarantee and waivers were being worked out to back up the scheme since the prices of the vehicles might be out of the reach of many to allow for outright purchase.

The CEO of Unik Dezines, Denis Anderson, observed that the scheme would take the stress away from public servants, who usually had to take loans at very high interest rates from the banks to purchase cars.

Source: GNA


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