The Electoral Commission (EC) says all electronic voter verification records from the just ended Presidential and Parliamentary elections are safe and have been preserved for reference.

This information seeks to dismiss assertions by the opposition National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) that the Commission’s directive to deactivate the Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs) is illegal and seeks to destroy evidence after the 2020 general elections.

According to a statement issued by the Commission, however, the allegations are false and misleading.

“It is also instructive to note that the BVDs were only ACTIVATED prior to their use for the Elections as a safeguard to ensure that no one was verified before the start of Polls. Similarly, at the close of Polls, the BVDs were DEACTIVATED to prevent any potential mischief of persons being verified after the close of Polls.

“The process of deactivation is therefore meant to preserve the sanctity of the verification data on the BVD and DOES NOT delete it. As a matter of fact, several copies of the verification data are kept on the BVD,” the statement reads.

NDC Presidential Candidate, John Mahama had, at a press conference to reject the EC’s declaration of Nana Akufo-Addo as president-elect, warned the Commission to ensure that the election data is preserved for one year after the elections.

The EC, through the December 18 statement, has assured the general public that when legitimately requested for, data from the BVDs will be availed to any interested party.