ENA supports Ahiagbakope with potable water

Engage Now Africa (ENA), a non-governmental organisation which aims to heal, rescue and uplift individuals from poverty, in collaboration with Baptist Church and other benevolent organisations, has connected pipe-borne water to Ahiagbakope.

The GHS15,000 project in the Volta Region town had water connected from Dzodze-Penyi to residents of Ahiagbakope in the Ketu North District to help solve their water challenges.

Speaking to the media after commissioning the project, Mawuli Komla Afasi, the Project Director of ENA said about two years ago, they had a request from the people of Ahiagbakope concerning the challenges they were facing with access to potable water which consequently led  ENA to lend its support.

According to Mr. Afasi, the project would serve more than 700 people in the community who hitherto, walked a distance of 4.7 kilometres to Dzodze-Penyi to fetch water from a stream.

Polytank at Ahiagbakope to help in storing water

He stated that the information they had from the community indicated that during the dry seasons, both men and women bathed once in a day as a result of drying up of the stream and so, urged the community members to utilise the project very well for sustenance so as not to go back to those days when access to water was a challenge to them.

Mr Afasi advised the community to do away with open defecation by making an effort to construct local latrines in their various homes to prevent diseases such as Cholera and Diarrhea.

Head Pastor of Baptist Church, Ahiagbakope, Rev. Christian Harold who was also present at the short ceremony to commission the project, thanked the NGO for responding to their request to construct the borehole for the community and pledged to take good care of it.

Rev. Harold pleaded with the NGO to build a toilet facility for the community to help improve sanitation in the area.

He also lamented about the poor nature of their road network which recently led to the death of an old lady and called on the Ketu North District Assembly to at least plough the road to make travelling in the community a bit more comfortable.