Enterprise Life, a subsidiary of the Enterprise Group has entered into a partnership with the Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana (UPNMG).

This is for a comprehensive insurance cover for all nurses and midwives registered with the Union.

The General Manager, Operations of Enterprise Life, Solace Odamtten-Sowah, expressed gratitude to the UPNMG for reaching out to Enterprise Life and promised that they will work tirelessly to meet the expectations of the Union.

According to her, over the years, we have focused on providing innovative and affordable products for our clients. This year our strategic direction was to partner with health workers and this was reflected in the premium holiday for all frontline health workers among others when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country.

While speaking at the signing out ceremony at the Advantage Place at Ridge in Accra, President of the UPNMG, Maxwell Oduro-Yeboah, said the decision to enter into a partnership with Enterprise Life was borne out of the desire of the Union to seek the welfare of its members coupled with Enterprise Life’s credibility and competence in providing that welfare.

“Nurses and midwives make up about 70 per cent of all health workers in Ghana and as the mother union in Ghana, we are in constant search in finding innovative ways of ensuring that their welfare is secure.

“The related hazards of our work, especially in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitated the need to partner the best insurance company in Ghana to help promote the interest of nurses and midwives.

“We have been witnesses to the good work Enterprise Trustees, a sister company of Enterprise Life,is doing with our tier two pensions so it was a very easy decision to make after receiving several proposals”, Mr Oduro Yeboah said.

Mr Oduro Yeboah encouraged all nurses and midwives in the country to register with the Union in order to enjoy benefits such as funeral benefits which include ¢5000 for members, ¢1000 for their spouse and ¢500 for their parents.

Members also get to enjoy ¢5000 Total Permanent Disability.

There is also hospitalisation for member only which is ¢20 per day and capped at 30 days in a year (600).

He said registered members are not required to pay any premiums because the premiums are taken from the dues they pay as members.

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