The National Communications Authority, NCA plans to free up broadband spectrum for telecom companies to expand mobile broadband penetration by 2015.

This is expected to contribute about 1.5 billion cedis to GDP, create nearly 1 million jobs and also improve the quality of TV Broadcasting.

The number of mobile phone subscribers who access the internet on their handsets is also expected to increase by up to 11million.

Director of Spectrum Policy at the GSMA -the Global Union of Mobile Network providers in charge of Africa and the Middle East, Peter Lyons spoke at a stakeholders meeting.

“All of this would mean at current tax levels, an addition of 200 million Ghana cedis per year for the government by 2020. If Ghana can use the same spectrum bands and configuration as countries around the world like India, Brazil and other African countries, it will get what’s called the “economies of scale” so that the cost per device manufactured would decline”. he said.

Director of Regulatory Administration at the NCA, Joshua Peprah explains his outfit is well-positioned for a smooth take off.

“The allocations scheme would be in alignment with best practices so that we can benefit from cheap devices that would operate in these spectral bands. So we are doing a lot of consultation with our colleagues from at the International Telecommunications Union and the African Telecommunications Union so that the digital dividend to be made available is used effectively” he said.