Some farmers in the Upper East Region have abandoned their farms as a result of the annual flooding of the area.

The farmers say the annual opening of the spillways of the Bagre Dam by Burkinabe authorities during harvest time destroys their crops, making them lose everything they have worked for.

The sentiments follow a warning that the three northern regions could experience another month of flooding because the authorities in Burkina Faso are planning to re-open the spillways of the Bagre Dam.

“If they open the [spillways] it will affect us a lot. Because of that some of us didn’t go into farming; moreover the rainfall pattern is not good. It is now that the rain is coming,” Adongo Sulley, a farmer in Bawku said.

“I’m afraid that if I go in now I might just waste money and energy for nothing. You see, the Burkina people they are worrying us a lot,” he lamented.

The Ghana Trade and Livelihood Coalition, an NGO in the region is however advising the farmers to move upland to avoid destruction to their crops.

The NGO is also in talks will the authorities in Burkina Faso to contain the floods in their country.

Source: Joy News/