Authorities in Burkina Faso are planning to re-open the spillways of the Bagre Dam, which is feared could cause serious flood in the three northern regions.

Residents around the area have been warned that the region could experience another month of destruction of properties like farm produce and even claim lives.

A concerned farmer in Bawku, Adongo Sulley, said in an interview with Joy News that some farmers could not farm this season for fear that they might waste their resources.

He said Burkina Faso uses the dam to generate electrical for its people but ironically spills the excess water to destroy things at the northern part of Ghana.

The regional focal person for the Ghana Trade and Livelihood Coalition, an NGO based in the region, Mr Ananga Richard, advised farmers to move upland to avoid destruction to their crops and the possible loss of human life.

Mr Ananga said the NGO is in talks with authorities in Burkina Faso to contain the floods in that country.

Story by Benedicta Anane/