Feli Nuna with the students of Daddy’s School Complex

Ghanaian musician Feli Nuna encouraged students of Daddy’s School Complex to always strive to get higher education regardless of what career field they choose.

The ‘Azumah’ hitmaker advised the children to take their books seriously and never stop learning. She was the speaking at the fourth edition of the Career Day fair at the Daddy’s School Complex.

“Even though I wanted to be a musician, I still went to school and completed university studying English. No matter which career you want to branch into, you need to understand how to read and write and express yourself very well to be the best”

Almost 200 children gathered at the forecourt of Daddy’s School Complex at Israel for the school’s career day fair.

Children accompanied by their parents dressed in the outfits of the profession they wanted to venture into once they grow up.

Various careers were displayed on the day as the children dressed as lawyers, doctors, footballers, presidents, nurses, dancers, musicians, soldiers, police officers etc.

The theme for the Career Day fair was “Next Generational Leadership: The future depends on what we do now”.

Guest speakers on the day were Feli Nuna (Musician), Kelvin Haizel (artist), John Atiemo-Ofori (Doctor) and Owuraku Ampofo (Sports Journalist).

Each speaker expanded on the theme of the event drawing inspiration from their journey so far.

Side attractions on the day included choreography, spoken word, acting, a live performance from Feli Nuna and a special talk on the coronavirus by Dr. John Atiemo-Ofori.

Proprietor of Daddy’s School Complex, Mr. Yustice Acquaye believes that it is extremely necessary for schools to organise  such events.

“The necessity to organize events like career day stems out from our day to day goals of achieving the dreams that lie ahead. We need to remind ourselves of the ultimate goals and the challenges that lie ahead. Moments like these form markers for our children.  They draw inspiration from professionals and idols which reflects positively on their future career choices”

Daddy’s School Complex has a creche, primary and JHS branch and was established in 2005.