The Executive Director of the Ghana Integrity Initiative is appealing to the Auditor General to publish every month details about public officials who declare their assets.

Vitus Azeem said such an action will allow civil society to take action against other public officials who fail to declare their assets.

Ghana’s constitution requires public officials to declare their assets shortly after they are elected or appointed into office.

This is to track the assets of public officers and to know which of the assets were acquired before, in and out of office.

But many politicians have violated this aspect of the law either by failing to declare their assets or by delaying in declaring them.

Azeem explained that the Auditor General can help in the fight against corruption by publishing the names of those who declare their assets so that civil society can go after those who fail to declare.

The Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice has said it can only take action against public officers accused of failing to declare their assets if a formal complaint is lodge before it.

Deputy Commissioner at CHRAJ Joseph Whittal told Joy News they are ever ready to do their constitutional duty if they receive a formal complaint.

He said anybody who has a reasonable suspicion that a public official has not declared his or her assets can proceed to the Commission with a complaint and they will proceed with the investigation.