Renowned Music Producer, Hammer of The Last Two

Celebrated music producer Hammer is urging Ghanaian artistes to focus on making great music and leaving a legacy with their works instead of winning a Grammy.

In an interview with Accra-based Class FM, he said winning a Grammy is not an easy feat especially since thousands of songs across the continent are submitted for just one category.

“I think they should make great music and when they are wired around the world and on a big label, they will find themselves at the Grammys,” he said.

He stated that it is not worth it focusing on one category when artistes can get more opportunities as long as they focus on their craft.

The award-winning producer added that he and other stakeholders in the industry are also working to ensure young artiste making it into the system are educated on their business involved in music.

“The structures are wrong and we are not going to wait for somebody to vote us into power before we educate people,” he added.

In a video posted on Facebook, Hammer also urged Ghanaians to support the artiste in the country stating that they made it into the industry all on their own unlike their Nigerian counterparts.

Hammer explained that while Nigerians have systems and big labels to support them, Ghanaians created those spaces for themselves.

He said the likes of Lynx Entertainment, Black Avenue Muzik, BBNZ, Sarkcess Music and others who are supporting artistes are doing that on their own with no help.

“There is no industry, I say this because these artistes did this on their own, they got here on their own. You don’t here Nigerians talking about their ‘nations’, they are already sorted out. They have big labels supporting them. But our artistes made it on their own.”