Rex Omar

The Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHMARO), Rex Omar, says the institution is lagging behind on many projects because it lacks funds.

He told George Quaye, host of Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, that the organisation is in court with a lot of music users that have failed to pay the monies they owed them.

“The major problem of GHAMRO is not about even distribution, it is about the psyche of the Ghanaian music user who does not understand that music usage must be paid for.”

“Right owners jump on the radio complaining to government, who owns GBC? Government does but for the past seven years, GBC has not paid a penny to GHAMRO. We are in court with them. So if you have energy tell government to pay the money GBC owes us,” Rex Omar said.

The veteran musician stated that GHAMRO is negotiating with some private equity company to secure $1million for its operations and projects.

“Most of the things we are not able to do things is because we do not have the money,” Rex Omar added.

His comment comes after fellow musician Dada Hafco lamented on the failure of GHAMRO to give right owners monies they have collected.

Dada Hafco stated that the organisation from his checks did not have a good logging system to help them share monies to the right owners.

He also alleged on the show that GHAMRO had spent a lot of money on its board than the artistes on whose behalf they collect money.

However, Rex Omar dismissed the claims.

The Abiba hitmaker explained that the 2018 documents the singer based his arguments regarding the board did not detail what the board used the monies for.

He stated that the money was used by different teams delegated to solve different issues of GHAMRO and not for the board.

Rex Omar added that since he took over the management of the organisation, they have sent monies to right owners every six months.

“GHAMRO is regulated by laws. I have always said if you have anything to support the organisation, come and bring the idea to so we will push it,” he said.