The Ghana Post Company has outdoored a new high school placement and examination results checker code for Junior High School (JHS) leavers.

Just by dialing *447*160#, any student who has successfully completed the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and is awaiting high school placement can get access to his or her allocated school directly before the new academic year opens.

The latest introduction by the Ghana Post forms part of its restructuring and brand visibility agenda in the country.

Ghana Post since its inception in 1854, has played a key role in information dissemination over the years. It is widely known for postal, courier, retail, agency and financial services.

Basically it has the legal monopoly over the provision of the universal postal service.  However, in recent times many believe the new era of technology has grounded service delivery of the courier giant.

The introduction of electronic mails and social media can be considered as the main stamping block to Ghana Post.

Although management of Ghana Post has refuted claims that the company is not in active service, rather it has capitalised on the latest innovations to improve upon its service delivery.

For instance, the introduction of the Digital Addressing System and other services like EMS, BizMails, Post Shop and House Delivery is evident that the company’s mission is still on course. The latest addition to the chain of services is the e-voucher code. This is aimed at assisting awaiting potential high school students with their school placement at the comfort of their homes.

Interested applicants are entreated to dial *447*160# and follow the prompt procedures on the mobile device. After which payments for services can be done through mobile money.