A ground-breaking innovation, certain to create a significant impact across the education landscape in Ghana, is about to be launched.

Known as TeacherTapp Ghana, this teacher survey mobile app, is aimed at gathering information regarding the daily lives of teachers and education in general, through a series of programmed questions relevant to the field of education in Ghana.

Originally developed for use in the United Kingdom (UK), the app has been redesigned and adapted to aid in the collection of relevant data on education, peculiar to the Ghanaian teaching environment.

The app will be officially launched next month, by the Ghana Society of Education and Technology, a Ghanaian education organisation, focused on the integration of technology in education to ensure improved teaching and learning outcomes and inspire innovation.

The mobile app which is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms has the objective of providing teachers in Ghana the rare opportunity of accessing world-class professional development, preparing them to become world-class teachers.

Furthermore, the app will give teachers in Ghana, a greater sense of community by providing feedback on the responses and experiences of their colleagues across the country on pertinent educational issues. TeacherTapp will help in building a database that can be used by policymakers and relevant stakeholders to improve educational outcomes for teachers, parents and most importantly, learners.

Describing the format through which the app works, Mr.MiraculeGavor, founder of GSET explained that at 3:30 pm each day, a notification is sent out to all users of the app, alerting them that new sets of three (3) questions are available for them to provide answers to.

“There are new sets of questions every day and continuous updates of questions essential to the teaching field here in Ghana that help the teachers to get interactive and also help with the gathering of data for effective structuring of the education sector in the country, especially in the face of changing curriculum,” he added.

The new set of questions for each day is active for a period of twenty-four (24) hours before another set pops up. Users have the opportunity to review the answers they provided from the day before, allowing them to share results via social media or email.

Additionally, Teacher Tapp users can suggest questions and articles to be included on the app to ensure relevance to the Ghanaian teaching population.