Nigerian Customs Service officials are reported to have arrested a Ghanaian with arms and ammunitions in Lagos.

According to Thisday, the suspect, a middle-aged man, was arrested with the assorted dangerous imports including a pistol, explosives, several rounds of live ammunitions and different firearm handling kits.

The suspect, Kwaku Antwi-Boasiako was nabbed at his residence, Road 27 D5B, Victoria Garden City, Lagos, following a tip off.

THISDAY said its checks revealed that while the suspect who is based in Florida, United States of America, openly declared the container load of imports as “personal effects”, it was later found to contain dangerous weapons.

Customs Area Controller, Ports and Terminals Multi-Purpose Services Limited (PTML), Tin Can Island Port, Apapa, Comptroller Eporwei Edike who disclosed this on Friday said the lethal imports were detected during a routine examination of imports at the terminal.

The Customs Chief stated this in the presence of other security operatives including the State Security Service, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Directorate of Military Intelligence and the Nigeria Police Force.

Giving an insight into the content of the illegal import, the CAC who is barely one month in office said they include one pietro baretta pistol with serial number 016730 MC CART 7917 made in Italy; two empty magazines for pistol, eight packets of 45 calibre 230 gram remington live ammunition of 50 pieces each, 45 calibre 230 gram 15 rounds of live ammunition and 101 pieces of 40SW calibre live ammunition.

Others lethal items in the container are one live catridge bullet, three pieces of military smoke explosives, one suspected liquid explosive, one cyalume light stick suspected to be explosives, one short fire lock installation guide, one piece of wire suspected to be used for improvised explosive device (IED) and one packet of gun cleaning kit.

Also enclosed in the container are two stickers of CIA badge, two pieces of T5410 Motorola phone, a copy of concealed weapon or fire license application instruction and chapter 790 Florida Statute, a RG twin master catalogue and assort manual for various arms, CD bullet myths, empty binocular case, nine pieces of floppy diskettes and one Endeavour Fuji Film270 zoom camera.

The CAC further revealed there was one one-tripod stand, one NavmanICN 550 palm top, one Dell laptop with power cord, two suspected CCTV camera lenses, one folder containing various documents, and three packets of psychotropic drugs namely, banactrine, alcacelzer plus, tylonel extra strength, and one bottle of yet to be identified powdery substance in the container.

He explained that the items were scattered amongst other articles and concealed in the 49-foot container marked No.GCNU-462485/7, earlier declared as personal belongings.

The CAC stated that the imports were lodged via single goods declaration (SGD) number TCI/8 880263 with C.NO. 33897 of 27/05/2010, declared by Dansmon Nigeria Limited, a licensed customs agent resident at No 525, Agege Motor Road, Lagos.

He also revealed that when the suspect’s home was searched, a Maryland, USA firearms safety training course certificate of completion, one laptop with extra CD ROM and power plug and a TDK mini video cassette (TDK mini DV60) were found.

In order to get to the root of the matter, the suspect and seizure have been handed to the Ports Police Command.



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