Mr Benyameen Sam Keelson, Deputy Director of the Western Regional Centre for National Culture, on Friday, said culture was a powerful tool that needs to be harnessed for national development.

He said culture epitomized the way of life and so could be used to educate, correct and make the necessary changes in society, adding that, the Europeanization of everything that was African, had for far too long, hampered development.

Mr Keelson said this at a meeting with a delegation from the Network of Cultural Institution in West Africa, at Fijai, in the Western Region.

The Network, made up of Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’lvoire, Togo and Benin, aimed at creating effective cultural and artistic life in the cultural spaces in West Africa, as well as re-organising cultural and artistic life in the Sub region.

He noted that Africa was not so much aware of the importance of culture in development, adding that, “the Network would create a synergy between the different culture spaces in West Africa for the total development of West Africa”.

Source: GNA