Glo Ghana Head of Business, Patrick Awotwi has expressed his heartfelt condolence to the wife, family and the government for sudden demise of the late President John Evan Atta Mills.

This was contained a letter of condolence presented to the Chief of Staff at the presidency when Mr. Awotwi and an entourage from Glo Ghana went and signed the book of condolence.

We hereby publish the full content of the letter.

It was with deep shock and heavy hearts that the Board, Management and Staff of Glo Mobile Ghana received the news on Tuesday July 24, of the sudden passing of His Excellency, John Evans Atta Mills, President of the Republic of Ghana.

As we struggle to come to terms with this unfortunate national tragedy, permit us to convey the heartfelt condolences of our Board, Management and Staff to the government and good people of Ghana and to the wife and family of the late President.

In the face of this immeasurable national loss, we at Glo take great solace in the knowledge that even in death, the towering stature of His Excellency, the late President Mills – as a humble and assiduous African statesman, as a believer and promoter of peace in his country and in Africa and also as a father-figure for all Ghanaians – will immortalize his memory and serve as a beacon of encouragement for many Africans around the world.

We firmly believe that these rare qualities will serve as the lampposts which will guide Your Excellency, John Dramani Mahama, as you assume the mantle of leadership of this great nation; as a corporate citizen, Glo Mobile Ghana pledges to continue to lend its support by delivering to the nation and the people of Ghana, unmatched telecommunication solutions which will move the country forward in her quest for socio-economic self sufficiency.

Sir, as the country mourns, Glo Mobile Ghana and the rest of the Globacom Group of companies, join all Ghanaians to share in their pain and grief, as we have always done in the past in their moments of joy and happiness. May the gracious Lord keep the soul of the late President and continue to bless the people of this beloved country.

Respectfully your,
Patrick Awotwi
Head of Business
Glo Mobile Ghana


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