Highlife legend Reggie Rockstone

Hiplife legend, Reggie Rockstone has advised young and upcoming musicians to eschew pride in order to be successful in the music industry.

In an interview on Day Break Hitz, he encouraged musicians to stay humble and make better use of their stardom and fame to impact lives of people around them.

“When God blesses you with the gift of music, your job is to impact lives. This is why I always utilise my celebrity status; you see me doing charity works, feeding kids, doing clean-up campaigns because I wasn’t made famous for nothing.”

“Humble yourselves because God loves you too or He will humble you. God loves humility, this is why I am relevant today still at age 67 I’m making music,” he told KMJ on Friday.

Yaw Asante, the Oseikrom President, as music fans also call him, urged his colleagues to stay respectful as fame and stardom are transient.

“Don’t be carried away by show business and the accolades people will give to you. It’s like a drug; when you’re not famous anymore, you’re going to need a therapy. Sometimes, when I see some of these young ones, I pity them.”

The GrandPapa is being celebrated by the Joy Entertainment team for the role he played in giving birth to hiplife music in the country.

The initiative, dubbed ‘Celebrate’, highlights Ghanaian musicians on Joy Entertainment traditional platforms and social media handles on a particular day.

Reggie Rockstone took to Instagram on Thursday to express his excitement over the honour accorded him.

Reggie, who has a “solid body of work” and believes “we will go back and come forth”, said, “Thanks, folks, feels good, I appreciate you all”.

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