Gomoa Nyanyano Police Commander together with salt producers in the Central Region have been assaulted by some 500 land guards from Kokrobite on Wednesday.

ACP Prince according to reports was at the brink of death after he and his officers were assaulted in an attempt to prevent the destruction of salt ponds by land guards.

Salt ponds which have been in existence for over 70 years in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region have been the bone of contention between residents in the region and some unidentified persons for some unknown reasons.

Chief of Gomoa Dampase, Nene Ohemie has accused some security personnel in the Greater Accra Region of orchestrating the recent attacks in the Central Region.

Narrating the said incident, he said “Land guards about 500 together with Greater Accra Regional Police, one ASP who led a police team destroyed bags of salt and left them in a pit. The people here decided to go and attack but I informed them to wait as I spoke to the DCE.

“He advised that they stay put. According to an investigator who is following the issue said when they arrived at the scene, the land guards asked them ‘what are you women doing here again?”

He further indicated that when the Gomoa Nyanyano Police Commander asked them who was in charge, the said ASP in their midst indicated that he was in charge.

“The ASP including three Accra Regional officers and persons from the national security were all present and did nothing as these land guards destroyed the place,” he added.

Peeved residents and farmers following the unfortunate incident have given government a week ultimatum to ensure that their livelihoods are protected from the attacks of land guards.

According to them in an interview with Adom News, should government fail to address the matter, there would be bloodshed in the district as they seek to protect their salt ponds and livelihoods.

“We makes earns meet from our work at the salt ponds but these land guards have destroyed everything. Now, we have no idea how we will feed our families. We are pleading with the President to come to our aid. We voted for this government so we want President Akufo-Addo to know that we are not happy with what id happening. He should intervene, otherwise we would have to take matters into our own hands,” they said.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Gomoa East, Desmond De-Graft Paitoo is entreating government to intervene swiftly as possible to bring calmness to the tension rising in Gomoa Nyanyano and Dampase.

“I was told that when the Police Commander went to the scene, he was threatened. Should the residents here take the law into their hands, it will be a gory sight and we don’t want that. So I plead with the government and the Minister’s responsible to intervene and put a stop to the matter.

“Should there be a need to have a dialogue so peace can prevail, we would look at that,” he stated.