Vice President John Dramani Mahama says government has got the capacity to absorb more credit facilities to undertake development projects throughout the country.

He said $800 million of the $3 billion loan passed by Parliament last week would be used for the development of gas production in the Western Region and called for the collaboration of all to help execute the development projects on schedule.

Vice President Mahama said this when addressed a convention of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, Ghana, at the Accra International Conference Centre.

The convention is under the theme: “Wake up! Let’s renew our minds” and has attracted members from all the chapters within Ghana and neighbouring countries.

He said government would create an enabling environment for business to flourish in the country in the face of high interest rates, inadequate access to credit facilities and enormous corrupt practices exhibited by some businesses.

Meanwhile National President of the fellowship Timothy Ati expressed worry that gradually homosexuality has become “a scar on the conscience of the church.”

His comment comes after Attorney General Martin Amidu at press conference indicated that the Criminal Code of Ghana does not criminalise homosexuality.

“Unnatural carnal knowledge in private between two consenting adults is not a crime,” he told Joy News. Mr Amidu however indicated he held his personal views about the issue but in his position as the AG he could only state what the law says.

Mr Ati however called on all Ghanaians to exhibit professionalism and restraint in order to achieve a violence free election in next year’s general polls.