Government has lifted the ban on the recruitment of young soldiers into the Ghana Armed Forces.

Consequently, a total of 1,200 soldiers will be recruited this year, Defence Minister Lt General Joseph Henry Smith (retd)has confirmed.

Last year, the government soon after assuming office froze all recruitment in the Ghana Armed Forces citing political patronage and paucity of housing.

The issue assumed a political twist with the new recruits who were at different stages of being enlisted accusing government of terminating their enlistment process only because they were recruited by the previous government.

Explaining why the ban on enlistment has been lifted the defence minister told legislators on the floor of parliament on Thursday that government has been able to renovate some of the dilapidated structures which has eased housing deficit in the ministry.

According to him, a total of 46,000 applicants were received last year out of which 7,000 were shortlisted.

After several drills and examination the number was further pruned to 1,200, with the breakdown as follows; Army, 800, Navy, 200, and Air force 200.

The minister also lamented over the encroachment of lands at Ofankor earmarked for housing projects for retired soldiers.

He hinted government will soon begin development on the said land to improve upon housing facilities for retirees

Story by Nathan Gadugah based on report filed Joy FM’s Parliamentary correspondent Sammy Darko


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