Government has finally settled on a more permanent solution to the waste management crisis.

The country’s waste will soon be converted to fuel and electricity without incineration.

This decision has grown out of the desperate need for increased waste disposal.

In Accra, residents have had to grapple with their waste because it had not been collected for weeks.

Waste collection companies complained of the lack of space at the Saba landfill site, the capital’s main waste destination.

Although a provisional measure has been implemented to create some space at the dump site, it is anticipated that the same situation will persist in the very near future.

Environment experts have been advocating for the conversion of waste to energy as the only measure to avert the imminent waste management crisis.

Reginald Akilakpa Sawyerr is one of them.

He told Joy News’ Hanna Odame the new technology is environmentally friendly.

He explained the waste will be converted into usable energy and subsequently into fertilizer and other raw materials.

He said the technology will be the first in Africa if implemented.

Moves to implement this technology are underway.

Environment, Science and Technology Minister, Sherry Aryittey told Joy News government has procured a land in Amasaman in Accra to undertake the project.

She explained there is no land available for the disposal of waste in the country.

Sherry Aryittey said countries all over the world are gradually shifting to the use of technology in disposing off their waste. Ghana must follow suit, she added.

Source: Joy News/