Evangelist Reverend Kingsley Emmanuel Yamoah, President and Founder of the Evangelical Calvarian Church of Ghana has appealed to the Government to take firm measures to wipe out obscenities from television (TV) and radio programmes.

“Many of their programmes are simply not good, morally offensive and out of touch with our traditional values, beliefs and culture,” he observed.
Rev Yamoah was speaking at the 43rd anniversary celebration of the church at Adukrom in Kumasi on the theme, “Pressing forward”.

He warned that nobody should underestimate the influence of TV on the youth, saying their way of dressing, talking, dancing and walking are all shaped by what they see on the screen.

Rev Yamoah also expressed concern about the rate at which marriages were falling apart, narcotic drug use by the youth, robberies, rape and other evils that had engulfed the society and said these were holding back the nation’s forward march.

He called on churches and mosques to join hands with the Government to purge the society of the criminal and immoral practices.

“If the nation will move forward, there is the need for pastors, politicians, parents and teachers to lead good moral lives.”

Dr Bernard Osei-Mensah, Director, Saint Anthony’s Homoeopathic Hospital, advised the congregation to hold fast to the teachings of Christ and make him the centre of their lives.

He urged them to put faith in God and not to be swayed by the miracles of false prophets.

Rev Kwame Kodua, a Minister of the church, lawyer and politician, urged the youth to worship God in truth and lead honest and upright lives to become good examples to society.