Govt’s new housing deal is hasty- IMANI

IMANI Ghana is questioning a new housing deal announced on the floor of Parliament, Friday.

A Ghanaian company, Italconstruct International was selected to build a little over 4,000 housing units for public servants after thorough due diligence, sector Minister ET Mensah told Joy News’ Sammy Darko.

The Minister was asking the House to approve the sum of 200 million US dollars for the project.

But even before the House will approve the said amount, IMANI Ghana is convinced the deal is not well thought through.

The Vice President of the group, Kofi Bentil told Joy News government appears to be in a haste to announce a housing deal.

He is not moved by the news of a Ghanaian company being behind this new deal.

Whilst IMANI will support the idea of a Ghanaian company to build social housing for public workers, any such arrangements must be done thoroughly, Bentil noted.

He said merely announcing that a Ghanaian company has won the bid to build houses will not stop IMANI from asking legitimate questions of government.

The group vehemently criticised the botched 30,000 STX housing units partly because it was given to a Korean Company, STX with huge incentives.

They argued Ghanaians could achieve same or better results at competitive rates given the same incentives.

Kofi Bentil challenged government to provide details of the new deal; the cost of the housing units; the architects; the financiers and other crucial details needed for a project like this to be successful.

He said those information have no security implications on the state, insisting Ghanaians have a right to know once the housing units will be built with public funds and not the minster’s own personal finances or plan.