Ghana Premier League sides Dreams Football Club, Medeama Sporting Club and Legon Cities have all had their home home grounds rejected ahead of the commencement of the 2021/22 season.

The rejection comes following a final round of inspection of venues undertaken by the Club Licensing Board.

Dreams FC’ Theatre of Dreams, Medeama’s Akoon Park and the El Wak Stadium to be used by Legon Cities have all failed to meet the requirements of the Club Licensing Board becoming temporarily unavailable to host matches when the league starts.

The initial report from the Club Licensing Committee was released late last month with 15 of the 18 clubs having their venues rejected.

A new date of October 18, was set for those clubs to fix all defects for the final inspection for the beginning of the league.

The latest update now means that the three clubs in question – Dreams, Medeama and Legon Cities, will now have to turn to other approved alternative pitches when the GPL gets underway next weekend.

Dreams and Cities are believed to have opted for the Accra Sports Stadium as alternative options while Medeama have chosen the Cape Coast Stadium for their home games.

The venues rejected have until November 15 to resolve the concerns identified by the Club Licensing Board in order to be able to host matches.

After the Baba Yara Sports Stadium was rejected in the initial inspection, the latest decision has seen it being approved. Hence Asante Kotoko and King Faisal will have the opportunity to play at the grounds when the league kicks off.

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