The Ghana Revenue Authority has expressed optimism it will meet its 2012 revenue targets by the end of the year.

In accordance with Ghana Revenue Authority Act 2009, Act 791, three tax revenue agencies were merged. The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) thus replaces the revenue agencies in the administration of taxes and customs duties in the country.

This year the institution expects to meet its target of GHc11 Billion in excess.

The target set for Revenue Authority, was reviewed in June after the presentation of the supplementary budget.

Commissioner of the Ghana Revenue Authority, George Blankson, says even though figures for the 3rd quarter have not yet been released, the 3rd quarter saw the Import Revenue tax making the highest gain.

The expectation is also to see an improvement in Domestic tax by the end of the year.

The import revenue tax has been increasing during the 3rd quarter, although it is usually affected during election years.

In a related development, the Ministry of Finance has presented 30 TOYOTA pick-up vehicles to the Ghana Revenue Authority to ease their work. The vehicles form the first batch of a total of 159 governments will be presenting to the Authority.

Revenue mobilization is mobility intensive in all its facets. For instance, at the domestic front, there’s the need to visit taxpayers to audit their books or educate them on tax laws and procedures.

This requires movement of staff to all corners of collection zones. Therefore their work can’t be fully done without vehicles.

However, the Ghana Revenue Authority is facing a severe shortage of vehicles thus; the Ministry of Finance is presenting 159 vehicles out of which 30 have been presented to the institution.

The commissioner George Blankson emphasized that the vehicle will enhance the Authority’s productivity, and would be well maintained.

He moved one of the cars to show its effectiveness.

Nonetheless, for Ernest Kwesie, the Board Chairman, misusing of the cars would not be tolerated.

At the ceremony, taxpayers were also urged to pay their tax promptly.