Members of the Greater Accra Regional Security Council (REGSEC), on Wednesday visited Danchira in Ga South Municipality, where a violent clash on March 23, led to the death of four people.

The clash occurred among two rival groups; the Amo’s and Akraman’s as a result of a high court’s ruling, which gave the Akraman’s the sole right of the land.

The four people who died included; Nii Juabeng Armah, Wolomo of the community, Abu Mohammed, Chief Imam, and one Nii Sarbah and Abuje Tetteh.

The REGSEC members, led by Nii Armah Asittey met the town deserted with some few people on the streets. The school in the town, which was closed down as a result of the dispute opened on March 29.

The members used the visit as a platform to speak to the victims and witnessed the damage caused to property.

Nii Armah Ashittey, asked the police to put in measures to create confidence in the people who have deserted the town to return.

He warned contractors to stop illegal sand winning in the community, which he said was the cause of the clash.

Nii Ashittey said the Regional Co-ordinating Council, had ordered food items for the affected people and called on the National Disaster Management Organisation to complement their efforts.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Rose Bio Atinga in an interview with the Ghana News Agency said 13 people have being arrested so far in connection with the bloody dispute.

She said the police would continue to stay in the community as long as possible to protect the people.

Source: GNA


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