The owner of the Semanhyia Herbal Clinic at Kasoa, Madam Adwoa Semanhyia, was yesterday arraigned before the Accra Circuit Court charged with four counts relating to the operation of a herbal clinic and the sale of herbal drugs.

The charges are sale of prohibited drug or chemical substance, registration of herbal and homeopathic drug, prohibited advertisement and control of manufacture of drug.

Her plea was not taken, but the court granted her bail in the sum of GH¢30,000 with two sureties to be justified.

The accused was arrested on Thursday, when she refused an invitation from the Food and rugs Board on her operations.

The prosecution told the court that Madam Semanhyia did advertise drug or chemical substance to the public as a treatment, preventive or cure for diseases, disorders or abnormal physical state.

According to the prosecution, the accused manufactured drugs or chemical substances when the conditions under which the manufacture was to be carried out were not, in the opinion of the FDB, suitable for ensuring that the article could be safe for use.

The prosecution said she sold or distributed drugs or chemical substances that contained substances that might cause injury to the health of the user when the article was used in accordance with the directions accompanying such article.

According to the prosecution, Madam Semanhyia further manufactured, prepared, supplied and distributed herbal medicine or homeopathic drug when the herbal medicine or homeopathic drug had not been registered with the FDB.

She is to re-appear before the court on February 25,2011.

Source: Daily Graphic/Ghana


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