Real Madrid star Karim Benzema limped off the pitch injured in Saturday’s match against Real Sociedad, with Carlo Ancelotti replacing the striker with Luka Jovic.

His 16th-minute problem is related to his left hamstring, and he will be re-evaluated on either Sunday or Monday to determine the extent of his injury.

Benzema has been in incredible form this year, scoring 35 goals in 46 matches in 2021 entering Saturday.

What happened to Benzema?

The forward pulled up short after making a run down the left wing on Saturday against Real Sociedad and was unable to continue, although he was able to limp off the field under his own power.

Ancelotti’s initial impression is that the injury is not overly concerning.

“The Benzema thing does not seem serious at all, but I do not think it will be available for Tuesday,” Ancelotti told reporters.

How long will Benzema be out for?

Benzema’s status will remain unclear until he undergoes tests on his left leg this week, though it appears he’ll at least miss the mid-week Champions League clash with Inter.

“Karim has had a problem, it bothered him a little and it didn’t I think [he will be there] for Tuesday, but maybe for Sunday, yes,” Ancelotti added in his post-match press conference.

What does Real Madrid’s schedule look like?

Real Madrid have a difficult upcoming schedule, as they face Inter in the Champions League this week before playing Atletico Madrid in a crucial La Liga clash next weekend.

After that, Ancelotti’s squad will meet Cadiz and Athletic Club before the end of the year.

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