Huwaei opens global flagship store in Shenzhen

Huawei’s global flagship store has opened in the heart of Shenzhen’s vibrant MixC World and it is Huawei’s first direct-sale store in the world.

The shop adopts the design concept of “City Square”, which combines the traditional Chinese and western architectural philosophy.

In the store, customers can explore Huawei’s latest and most comprehensive products, experience the fastest 5G connections, relax and meet up with friends.

In a statement to Ghana News Agency, it said, “Shenzhen is an international technology and innovation centre, we believe that Huawei Global Flagship Store will become the new Connecting Hub between Huawei and customers.”

The statement said in order to ensure that customers had the best experience, the store had been equipped with Intelligent Environmental Control System based on Huawei’s Hilink technology, which could automatically adjust the brightness, temperature and humidity of the store so that all consumers can feel comfortable in every corner of the store.

The store also uses a large number of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials to create a green building that coexists with the environment.

It said the felt used for ceilings and walls is made of recyclable plastic parts; the table uses a nano-board, which could be used for more than ten years.

Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu said, “MixC World is a gathering place where fashion, technology and liberal art meet together and Huawei Global Flagship Store will become Huawei’s city living room connecting the consumers.”

At the Huawei Global Flagship Store customers can participate in free courses held by Huawei Community, covering topics such as photography, videography, sports and healthcare.

It said application developers, could also learn more from the company’s technical experts at the new facility.

Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Consumer, Herman Zhu said, “We no longer call it a retail store, we call it community plaza, an open community for everyone. Consumers can come and create, learn about the most advanced technology and trends, or just connect again with one another”.