I can foresee more judgement debts-Kunbuor

The Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Benjamin Kunbuor has told the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament that he can foresee more judgment debts but is unable to do anything about it.

Benjamin Kunbuor who appeared before PAC on Wednesday said “unfortunately the law will not allow me to intervene” to mitigate the imminent judgment debts.

The Attorney General appeared before PAC to respond to issues concerning the 94 million Euro judgment debt payment made to Construction Pioneers.

Dr Kunbuor said it was his humble prayer that in the future, individuals who are in the capacity to take decisions on behalf of the state would tame their egos, consider the national interest over and above sectional and parochial interests, in doing so.

He said if that was done, the nation would be spared the burdensome judgment debt payments which have assumed a major drain on the national coffers.

Dr Kunbuor expressed grave concern that at the current rate, the present generation was on the verge of creating resource crisis for future generations.

Agreeing with the AG’s submissions, the Chairman of the PAC, Mr Albert Kan-Dapaah, said persons acting in their official capacity must be guided by the national interest.

He however added that it was for the very issues raised by Dr Kunbuor that the AG of Ghana ought not appear to – in his submission before the Parliamentary Committee – be speaking for the foreign companies that make claims against the state.

That gravely offended the AG who submitted with alacrity that his duties as Attorney-General transcended simply protecting the national interest locally; they included guarding jealously against the country’s image abroad.

He insisted that all he was doing was ensuring that foreign countries and companies continued to repose confidence in Ghana as a nation in which the rule of law worked and where due process was respected.