Speaker of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic has said he will be a Speaker for all in his presiding over of affairs in Parliament regardless of party affiliation.

Alban Bagbin gave the assurance during an address of MPs at the second sitting of the 8th Parliament, Friday.

The Speaker while addressing the House noted that he intends to live by the oath he swore during his swearing-in which compels him to remain impartial and non-partisan in the conduct of his duties.

“The Independence and impartiality of the Speaker is particularly evident in this line of the Speaker’s oath “…and I will do right to all manner of of persons in accordance with the Constitution and the laws and conviction of Parliament, without fear or favor, affection or ill will.”

He also emphasised that “the Speaker is not a partisan political office. Regardless of which party nominated or voted to elect him/her and regardless of his/her previous political background, the Speaker occupies a non-partisan, impartial office.”

As the first Speaker to be elected from a different political background other than that of the sitting President, the former Nadowli Kaleo MP is hopeful his new role will help transform the country for the better.

He further gave the assurance that he will remain firm, fair and impartial in the execution of his duties as Speaker and will also serve the best interest of every Ghanaian and not that of any political party.

“There’s nothing known as an NPP Speaker or an NDC Speaker. There’s only a Speaker of Parliament of Ghana and all Ghanaians,” he said.

“As Speaker, I’ll not yield to pressure from any quarter to allow this august House to be turned into a rubber stamp [Parliament],” he added.

Speaking further, he stated that with the current composition of the House (both NPP and NDC have equal numbers in Parliament plus an independent candidate), the House will fully rely on dialogue and consensus building in the conduct of its affairs.

He also urged MP to respect and abide by his rulings and instructions in the House.