Rapper Medikal says he will walk out of any interview in the future if the hosts or presenters ask him questions on his source of income.

Speaking on Accra FM, he said that he does not understand why people assume he has dubious ways of making money when he has not given anybody that impression.

The singer born Samuel Adu Frimpong explained that every money he has spent since his music career took off came from the music business.

“In my whole life, I don’t remember touching money which is a fraud. Every money is from my music. Before I travelled recently, I checked my Tunecore and I had over $40,000, he said.”

Medikal added that he also has earned money through brand endorsements and music shows he has played over the years.

He stated that he does not appreciate it when presenters ask questions about his wealth.

The ‘Omo Ada’ hitmaker added that it makes the youth assume doing music is not a sustainable way of earning an income.

“The next time that I will go on any radio station and I’m asked about fraud, I will walk out.

“They are making the youth think even if you are doing music you have to do something else like fraud. F*** that,” he said.