Players in the poultry industry have been schooled on various issues to position them for bigger opportunities, going forward into the future.

This was by kind courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture under the Ghana Poultry Project.

The Business Bootcamp also afforded them opportunity to secure some grants to invest in their business.

Speaking at the conference, Senior Investment Associate at AV Ventures, Winfred Kumi said the fundamentals of all successful businesses are similar and should be incorporated in the poultry business. He further explained some key points to ensuring the success of poultry business.

“The fundamentals of all successful businesses are similar, whether big or small. If you want to succeed, you would have to invariably follow the principles of doing business. There are two major sources of finance; equity and debt and these are based on the stages of growth of the business,” he said.

Dr. Joseph Kojo Tuffour, Deputy Director of Research and Consultancy at the University of Professional Studies, Accra said marketing is key in every business and poultry is no exception, hence his decision to volunteer in training the mentees to have a business mind.

“I got involved with the Ghana Poultry Project to basically help each cohort selected for training, and my main position is to help them develop a business plan. The value chain of poultry is large so the cohort, the individuals will decide which aspect of the value chain they want to concentrate on,” he stated.

Meanwhile Carianne de Boer, Chief of Party, the Ghana Poultry Project has encouraged the mentees not to give up when it gets difficult because every business faces challenges.