A 30 year old farmer is said to be in critical condition at the Asamankese Government Hospital after his attempt to commit suicide failed.

Papa Odano attempted killing himself by drinking poisonous substance suspected to be pesticide at Akyim Akroso Kyeremase in the Eastern Region because his wife – whose name was given as Georgina – told him she could no longer stay in the marriage.

The Gyasehene of Akyim Akroso Kyeremase, Nana Kwame Appiah, who confirmed the incident to Adom News said the farmer drank the poisonous substance used for the spraying of Cocoa after a misunderstanding with his 29 year old wife in the late hours of Wednesday.

He continued that the next day Papa Odano woke up to see his wife with whom he has four children packing her personal effects from their matrimonial home and his persistent pleas fell on deaf ears.

Nana Appiah further explained that after Georgina had packed and left to her mother at a nearby village called Gyabaakwaa, Odano took a bottle full of the poisonous substance suspected to be pesticide and drank it.

The Gyasehene of the area said it took the intervention of some neighbours to rush him to hospital.

He indicated that Odano was first rushed to a hospital at Nsabaa and was later transferred to Asamankese Government Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

Nana Appiah also expressed concern about the increasing number of attempted suicides in the area.

He told Adom News that Odano’s case is the fifth to happen in the area in the last few months.

Meanwhile a sister of Odano, Mary Arhin said the family was shocked to hear the incident because although there have been petty squabbles between his brother and his wife, they never thought it would lead to that.

She said Odano’s situation was deteriorating and it would require divine intervention to save his life.


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