Sensational music duo, R2bees, have commended the Multimedia Group Limited for choosing them as premier celebrants for the year 2022.

R2bees hung out with host Kofi Hayford on Drivetime on Joy 99.7 FM, on Friday, January 28, during which they acknowledged and appreciated Joy Entertainment’s ‘Celebrate’ initiative.

Asked to share with the world their truest feelings and thoughts about being celebrated as living legends, Faisal Hakeem, also known as Paedae said, “I feel like it’s a beautiful initiative by Joy FM and the whole of Multimedia Group Limited…it’s an amazing feeling.”

Mugeez, first name Rashid, on the other hand, described ‘Celebrate’ as “legendary”, adding that “it’s a big thing”.

He also thanked Joy Entertainment for putting the group at the centre of its celebration of hardworking musicians for the month of January 2022, adding that it inspires the duo to expand their repertoire with more music.

“As much as I enjoy and appreciate it in my own way, I still feel like there’s more room for us to produce more music,” he revealed.

R2bees have an enviable collection, many of which remain favourites for their huge following.

Their success is a reflection of their hard work and stage name, R2bees, which means ‘Refuse to be Broke’. The name also doubles as motivation for young Ghanaians.

In this regard, Mugeez explained, saying, “there’s a whole generation behind us, watching us and following what we do”.

The group believes, Joy Entertainment is on the right path of contributing their quota to the agenda of pushing Ghanaian musicians to international fronts, especially with ‘Celebrate’, and thus expect all stakeholders to do their part.

Celebrate, is powered by Joy Entertainment, and comes off once a month on all Multimedia platforms, that is Joy Fm, Hitz Fm, Joy News, Joy Prime, and

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