Traders at the Kaneshie market have eased off the burden of having to deal with heaps of rubbish piled at the entrance of the market.

They now have the peace of mind to conduct trading activities as proper waste management techniques have been adopted at the market.

This was not the case about a year ago when JoyNews visited the market.

During JoyNews’ last visit, the market was in a deplorable state as rubbish was dumped on the ground for lack of containers.

A heaping pile of decomposing and rancid rubbish sat at the entrance of the 30-year-old three-story structure that houses hundreds of stores.

Traders had to battle with houseflies and the stench from the pile of rubbish.

Vendors located in front of the trash sold fruits, vegetables and other foods.

The situation left buyers wondering if the products were safe enough for consumption as houseflies hovered all over and contaminated food items.

Traders raised concerns about the need for the rubbish to be carried away as the disturbing situation posed a threat to their health.

However, they had no option as they said work had to go on in order to make a living and fend for their families as well.

Contrary to scenes from last year, there seem to be a new phase at this location.

Proper waste management techniques have now been employed at the market to facilitate trading activities.

“Cleaners visit the market every dawn to clean this place before we come,” a trader shared.

The market has also been provided with three rubbish containers which are emptied on a daily basis.

The scenes of houseflies hovering over food items have also reduced, however, traders continue to sell in front the rubbish containers over lack of space.

Traders are pleased with the development and have pledged commitment to always ensuring that, the market is clean at all times.