Deputy Education Minister J.S. Annan says his ministry is not to blame for the rumpus which has kept Polytechnic teachers out of the classroom for nearly a month.

Joy News’ Beatrice Adu reports from the campus of Accra Polytechnic the increasing frustrations students are going through as a result of the strike and are beginning to pack out of campus.

Speaking to Joy News, Dr Annan described the student’s plight as a “sad story” and questioned why nobody is listening to them.

He said the education ministry has very little to do in the on-going strike, adding POTAG must answer for the state of affairs.

“As I speak now, let’s be very clear, polytechnic teachers are being paid. They are getting their salaries and yet are not delivering their service.

“I have explained many times on air the fact that given the new regime of labour [activities] where the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission is the body responsible for negotiating, salaries, allowances and all terms and conditions. POTAG has to stick with them.

He said rather than asking what the Ministry is doing, POTAG must be asked what it is also doing to resolve the matter.

In what appears to be a response, the Secretary of POTAG Mr. Anthony Eyarkwa said they are dissatisfied with the predicaments students are going through but said “the matter at stake at this particular moment is an issue that will affect not even the student only but affect every individual that will ever be in the polytechnic and so it has to be resolved and resolved completely now.”

He dismissed assertions that POTAG has taken an entrenched position, stating that the only thing they are asking of government is a meeting to draw a road map that will address their grievances in near future.

“We never asked that immediately resolve all our grievances before we get back into the classroom. We never said that.

“We want written commitment to resolve these issues to the latter is very important,” he said.

According to him, POTAG is not a political entity to be conned by “we are committed jargons” from government officials.

Play the attached audio for excerpts of the interview with Dr JS Annan

Story by Nathan Gadugah/