Kidsville, the local distributors of Qualatex Balloons in Ghana has launched the maiden edition of Balloon Design Master Class.

Interacting with the media, Kidsville Director, Jiya Aidasani said the two-day course was to train 15 participants on how to use different types of Qualatex balloons design and uplift an event or a location.

“Qualatex balloons do not burst easily, it is stronger than any other balloon. So this training means bringing education to people in the sub-region for them to appreciate and understand how balloons can be put together to make different kinds of balloon walls, designs, art structures, and everything,” she said.

According to her, balloons are essential in the art to communicate and show love to someone without having to say anything.

Describing the balloons as ‘environmentally friendly’, she was optimistic that the Ghanaians will embrace the balloons.

“People are gradually understanding the quality of the balloons therefore a lot of event organizers have also started using the balloons and they appreciate the quality.”

Qualatex instructor, Keith Stairman on his part, praised the participants for their level of intelligence and creativity.

He noted that although most of them are self-taught designers he admires their wiliness to learn and build their skill.

Advising participants, he said, “You have to go for something that represents your brand and by that, you should be willing to invest in education, because when you do that, it lifts you to a new level and keeps you up with the new trends.”

Speaking to a participant, she said the course has been full of insights and has taught her the various trends that exist in the event planning and balloon industry.

“It is nice to be a part of this training because it is an add on to know things that will make you a little different from your competitors.

“So I will tell the world that they should be expecting the difference from my company after this training,” she said.

Kidsville is the Ghanaian distributor for Qualatex balloons manufactured by Pioneer Balloon Company based in the United States of America.