Samsung Electronics, Ghana has announced Ghanaian Highlife singer-songwriter, KiDi, as its brand ambassador. 

The decision, according to the technology giant, comes at a time when Samsung Ghana wants to position the brand to be “cool” for consumers.

The one-year ambassadorial deal is expected to amplify KiDi’s profile while connecting more people with the power of Samsung Galaxy devices.

Managing Director of Samsung Ghana, Mr Eugene Nahm, noted that KiDi’s music career trajectory exhibits and exudes characteristics that truly reflects Samsung’s brand promise and aspirations for the new decade. 

“It’s an honour to have a young music icon like KiDi, who is loved by many Ghanaians, as a Samsung brand ambassador. KiDi effortlessly connects with a new generation who have also embraced the Galaxy A Series and we look forward to him being part of the Samsung family,” said Mr. Nahm.

Speaking on his association with Samsung Ghana, KiDi said “It’s an absolute thrill to be a brand ambassador for a top global brand like Samsung. This partnership is all about the progress and growth with mutual benefit. On this journey, we aim to achieve more bringing more value to Ghanaian consumers”.

The talented highlife, afrobeats and afropop singer KiDi, born Dennis Nana Dwamena, is one of Ghana’s most promising young stars.

The much-loved singer has grown with his career and has quickly emerged as one of the leaders of the new school of Ghana highlife music. 

Hit songs like ‘Say You Love Me’, ‘Odo’,  ‘Adiepena’ and the more recent ‘Enjoyment’ has garnered a huge following for the budding star, making him a household music icon – an achievement that Samsung believes would help push their trajectory.

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