If someone’s going to pass you up on a celebrity earnings list it might as well be a friend – even in the afterlife.

Michael Jackson’s estate previously topped Forbes’ list of top-earning dead stars, but this year it’s his old pal Elizabeth Taylor who takes the crown.

The website reports that Taylor earned $210 million in the past year, handily unseating Jackson, whose estate saw $145 million in earnings in the same time period.

The windfall to the Taylor estate is due in part to auctions of the glamorous star’s jewelry, Forbes says, but there’s also the cash flowing in from her White Diamonds perfume line. The fragrance saw $75 million in retail sales in 2011.

But while Dame Taylor took No. 1 on Forbes’ list this year, it’s not expected that she’ll hold off Jackson for long, as his estate is still seeing money come in from music sales. But for now, Jackson takes No. 2 on Forbes’ list, with Elvis Presley landing at No. 3 with $55 million in earnings.

Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz is at No. 4 with $37 million, and Bob Marley’s at No. 5 on the list, with his estate having earned $17 million in the last year.