The Management of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital has said it will assume direct operation and running of all outlets of the hospital’s pharmacy department as pharmacists there continue their strike.

The pharmacists have closed the facilities, leaving thousands of patients without access to drugs.

The determination of the management to call the bluff of the strikers has been interpreted by the pharmacists as an attempt to intimidate and compel them to resume work.

Regional Secretary of the Striking Government and Hospital Pharmacists Association, Robert Nkum said the members will resist any intimidating move by the management.

“If that is the path they want to go, then we will be resolute and we’ll resist any intimidation from management…”

“You want to intimidate pharmacists at Komfo Anokye? No way!”

Robert Nkum said the attitude of the management smacked of hypocrisy and double standards because “others have been on strike, have they compelled them to work? So why this strange decision?”