Former President Kufuor has expressed optimism that Ghana will win Thursday’s semi-final match against Nigeria at the ongoing African Cup of Nations in Angola.

Mr. Kufuor shared fond memories of a crunch encounter between the two sides as he remembered the time Ghana hosted the tournament two years ago.

The Black Stars won that game by 2 goals to 1 and Mr. Kufuor told TV3 that the feat will be repeated today.

“Naturally Ghana should win. There’s been love-hate relationship between the two of us as far as sports are concerned. We’ve been competing before colonial times and the competition is still on,” he said.

“In spite of Nigeria’s size, any time it’s coming to meet much smaller Ghana, in terms of geographical size and population, Nigeria goes nervous. So I expect our players to play on their nervousness.”

The former president said the Stars squad must strive to outplay their counterparts on the field and that “even if we score one goal, we’ve won,” he said drawing rapturous laughter from pressmen.

Football fans interviewed in Accra share Mr. Kufuor’s optimism that the Black Stars will triumph over the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

A fan yelled “a blow inevitably yours when earlier encountered will extricate you from impending catastrophe.”

Ghana qualified for the semi-final stage of the tournament after pipping their Angolan counterparts by a goal to nil.

The Stars’ clash with the Super Eagles has been described as a dog-fight as both teams would struggle to run each other chewy.

The last time the two rivals met two years ago at Ghana 2008, it turned out an interesting David and Goliath fight, with Ghana, even reduced to 10 men, beating Nigeria 2 – 1.



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