Health Minister Dr. Benjamin Kumbour has justified the replacement of the representative of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) on the Council for the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The minister’s explanation comes after complaints by the medical doctors that he had unilaterally replaced their representation on the council contrary to the law that established the college.

They have threatened to go to court if their representative is not reinstated.

“Without any consultation, the minister decided that the Ghana Medical Association is not the true representative of doctors in Ghana and gave that position to the Chairman of the Dental and Medical Council who is not the man chosen by the medical association to represent us. Unfortunately for us, he even made a statement that GMA is not representative enough and even dentists are not members of the GMA; which is very surprising for a minister to say,” GMA President Dr. Emmanuel Adom Winful said.

But the Health Minister has denied any wrongdoing.

Dr. Benjamin Kumbour has told Joy News the Mental and Dental Council Chairman was chosen after extensive consultations and rejected suggestions that he unilaterally took the decision to appoint.

“The provision specifically referes to a representative of the medical profession and we did a lot of consultation on it,” the minister said, adding “GMA represents one profession and we are quite clear that there is also another association of dental practitioners who all constitute part of the medical profession.”

Dr Kumbour said the Mental and Dental Council chairman is the only one who could “legitimately represent all shapes” of the medical profession.

Story by Elvis Adjetey and Fiifi Koomson/