Hearts manager Csaba Laszlo has warned Laryea Kingston that he will not play if he is not committed to the side.

The midfielder turned out twice for Ghana in the past week, despite not having been fit enough to feature for the Tynecastle club this season.

“If you only come in my dressing room to keep your fitness, you can always go,” said an angry Laszlo. “You can do this in an amateur team.

“The door is always open for you to go out.”

It is the second time this year Kingston has defied Laszlo’s wishes and played for Ghana after Hearts have declared him unfit.

And the manager will now discuss the player’s future with his board.

“We would like to handle the situation very clearly,” said Laszlo.

“If you are a professional player, your duty is to improve every day, to give 120% in training, to be always better and better and better.

“It’s also our duty as a club to defend ourselves and tell everybody we are not here to pay wages, to (look after) his fitness and then he would like not to do his job.

“If you go to the office and tell your boss, ‘Okay, I am here, but I don’t have any passion here. My passion is to go in the afternoon and meet some friends. But give me the money and pay the wages’.”

Laszlo was in charge of Uganda before his move to Edinburgh and had a brief spell as assistant coach for Hungary.

“You are an employee of the club,” he added. “You get your performance for the national team from the club.

“I was myself a national coach and my duty was also to go always to the clubs to talk with the club managers and coaches.

“I always picked the players who were in the best form and not just ‘names’.

“To ignore the club at this level is very strange for me and also I think this is not okay.

“This club is not Larry Kingston; this club is Hearts of Midlothian.”

Source: BBC