Sherifa Gunu

Sherifa Gunu has urged Ghanaians to pray more and take precautions while going about their daily activities despite the outbreak of coronavirus.

According to the musician, she along with many people have suffered massively since the outbreak.

“We had a lot of plans but two of my shows have been cancelled- one in Kumasi and the other in Accra,” she said in an interview with JoyNews’ Becky.

“I am not happy about it, this is not good for us. Ebola came and went and I think we can stop this from becoming bigger.” 

Sherifa urges Ghanaians not to take the news of the pandemic as a joke since it is killing people in other countries.

“Everything will go on well if we take the precautions. I’m pleading with all my fans not to disrespect the health workers and do what they ask of us,” she added.